Coffee Party Bank Protest

The "Coffee Party" was organized as a reactionary, pro-regime response to the grassroots Tea Party movement. So far, unlike the Tea Party, they haven't accomplished much.

I hope that changes tomorrow when they take up a good cause for a change: fighting the dirty banksters.

I can't be there tomorrow in person, but I'll be with them in spirit. May the weather and the turnout be tremendous!


Dean said...

I'm very wary.... hell, I don't believe these people for one minute.

For all their anti-corporatist bluster, where were they on ObamaCare?

One would assume they would be all over the government compelling an individual to purchase a good or service, yet, where were they?

Pro-regime, indeed.

Mutnodjmet said...

W.C.: I am going to respectfully disagree with you on this one, and the following link will highlight the main reason:


I hope to do a more weighty response to your good question this week. In essence what I would say: Your battle is NOT their battle.

If the Coffee Party embraced capitalism, the free market, and the application of the US Constitution in the same you did, then I would consider "joining them". But, they don't. If they earnestly desired reform, as you do, then perhaps I would lend an ear. But they only want to paint bankers as evil.

I view the SEIU-organized thuggary at the home of a Bank of America banking executive an extension of the top-down-driven protest the Coffee Party just did. For me, the money quote in the above-linked piece is this one: "As for why SEIU is singling out Bank of America for thug tactics, supposedly it’s a protest of foreclosures by banks generally but Big Journalism notes that the union apparently owes BoA $90 million, which, per Easton, means $4 million in outstanding interest and fees. Terrorizing an exec’s family might make them think twice about being too insistent in collecting."

If YOU were in charge of bank reform, then I would be OK. But I want only that Obama and his SEIU minions be stopped on all action items, so that our country's economy can not be further damaged. The "foreclosure" crisis is manufactured. The administration, and the top-down-lead Coffee Party, is directing anger at bankers and NOT the congressional representatives who over-regulated into this mess.

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