Varones voters' guide to the California propositions

The propositions from a reform / libertarian / Tea Party point of view:

Prop 13 - reluctant Yes. Prevents seismic upgrades from raising the Prop 13 property assessments of commercial real estate owners. Commercial real estate owners have a huge scam with assessed values from the 70's, and this is obviously a very narrow initiative to benefit a few CRE owners who want seismic upgrades, but that's an issue for another day. Vote Yes just on general anti-tax principles.

Prop 14 - NO!!! This was put on the ballot in a dirty backroom deal to buy Abel Maldonado's vote to pass the largest state tax increase in history. It would allow Democrats and Republicans to vote in each others' primaries, encouraging that most candidates in the future would be shifty, unprincipled weasels like Maldonado and Schwarzenegger who play to both sides. Virtually eliminates third parties by allowing only two candidates (Democrat and Democrat-lite) in the general election.

Prop 15 - NO. Taxpayer funding for politicians.

Prop 16 - YES. Requires 2/3 vote for municipal taxes/debt related to power generation, consistent with existing 2/3 vote for other taxes and debt.

Prop 17 - YES. Allows auto insurance discounts for those who have continuous coverage, regardless of company. If you are responsible and have insurance, this is good for you. If you are a deadbeat who only has insurance occasionally when you feel like it, this might result in a premium increase.

The official guide is here, but bear in mind that the titles and summaries are written by politicians with agendas.

Other trusted resources which I did not consult for my analysis but which came to the same conclusions:

San Diego Tax Fighters (with local SD initiatives too)

KFI's John and Ken (with important candidate endorsements in both parties!)


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

No on 17. I'm not a deadbeat, I'm a San Franciscan who didn't drive for 4 years, isn't that what you hippie bikeriders like? Now that I have a car again, I should be punished for not paying for car insurance I didn't need while I commuted and walked, supported local transit, and kept one more car off of San Francisco's streets?

Should I have kept up my insurance for Muni purposes?

17 is an initiative put forth by Mercury insurance to find excuses to jack up rates and not be considered complete assholes.

W.C. Varones said...

Eh, fair point. You're pitting my bicycle anarchist vs. my libertarian.

Your circumstances are pretty unusual. Urban radicals are a minute proportion of the California insurance population.

Try GEICO. They're cool even if Mercury blows. Though they are owned by Vampire Squid associate Warren Buffett.

Ang said...

I believe I put 13 yes and the rest no. As to the 17 thing, I know too many people who have lost jobs and insurance is one of those that they stop paying first over not feeding their kids. Priorities in life you know and they shouldn't be penalized for it.

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