Let the Global Ponzi continue! - W.C. Varones

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Jr Deputy Accountant said...

You knew Zimbabwe Ben couldn't resist a hot piece of bailout action.

There's no way it CAN'T work! Weee!

Anonymous said...

IN other words, the American tax payer is bailing out Greece since the IMF is bailing them out, right?

Independent Accountant said...

You are correct. ZB is like an alcoholic. He sees an opportunity to print money and he does it without thinking! We need to create a 12-step program for central bankers. Step 1, "I am powerless over my compulsion to print money".


Not the American taxpayer, the US dollar holder.

W.C. Varones said...


I'd say it's the taxpayer for the IMF portion of the bailout, and the dollar holder for the Fed facilities.

Most of us are getting it both ways.

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