Matt Taibbi on the fake financial reform bill

How Wall Street lobbyists gutted the reform bill.

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Negocios Loucos said...

"Near the end of the day, to Brown's surprise, Dodd actually allows his amendment to go to a vote. In the end, however, the proposal to break up the nation's riskiest banks gets walloped 61-33, with an astonishing 27 Democrats – including key banking committee heavyweights like Dodd and Chuck Schumer of New York – joining forces to defeat it." I love that!

I know that if you ask a Democrat about the lack of teeth in the bill they will blame the Republicans, who are definitely part of the problem. But when you point out that Dodd and Schumer voted against TBTF, they're brains mysteriously shut down and it's as if you didn't even state what you had stated. You can get them going again by talking about how evil the Republicans are, some of which is valid, but don't get into the fact that their religious leaders are in bed with the bad Republicans and Wall Street. Don't point out that in fact it's the most powerful Democrats that are enabling the scam to continue, because that would violate their belief system. People with a belief system an incapable of logical thought and the Democratic party members have turned out to be as blind to there leaders motives and actions as "extremist" Muslims, Jews and Christians. All that matters is what Father Dodd and Rabbi Schumer says. Thinking and evaluating their actions is highly unacceptable by party members.

Both parties are religions and that's why their leaders get away with this. And that's why the future of the USA is more and more in doubt.

Happy Super Tuesday!