Debt limit predictions

Let me go out on a limb here and predict how this debt limit showdown will play out.

Boehner and the Republicans will talk tough all the way to the brink, then fold like a cheap suit and accept a deal that has something like $2 trillion in alleged spending cuts over ten years, all of which will be back-end loaded meaning no significant cuts before Election 2012, and which will not put the country on a fiscally sustainable path.

Not that I have a crystal ball. I've just seen this movie before.


Shane Atwell said...

Reminds me of that time Texas was going to outlaw sexual assault by federal agents, but then they caved.

Negocios Loucos said...

There is only 1 party.
There is only 1 party.
There is only 1 party.
There is only 1 party.

ProfoundSkeptic said...

Are you suggesting that it would be desirable, given our current debt situation, to have congress fail to increase the debt limit? We would fail to make payments on the debt, have our credit rating downgraded, and, in the end, pay trillions extra in elevated interest rates over the next few decades. I agree that this is a huge problem but this is no way to approach the problem.

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