Nobel Peace Prize winner kills toddlers

Nine civilians, including two toddlers, killed in Obama's unauthorized war on Libya.

I'd say it's about time for a war crimes trial.


Doo Doo Econ said...

THAT is a headline!

dbbeebs said...

These casualties are indadvertent.

Blame it on the fog of war.

Negocios Loucos said...

The fog of war seriously? That's who you blame it on. If the bombs weren't even dropped in the first place, would those people have died in the fog?

ProfoundSkeptic said...

Every article I have read calls it a NATO airstrike and given the active participation of multiple other powers it not correct to blame the American military. That said Negocios is right - the fog of war is not an excuse. Either Gaddafi is to blame for the war or western powers are and they are then also accountable for all the unintended consequences. My vote's on Gaddafi for the blame but I do understand the western tax payer not wanting to shell out the money for this.

wcv said...

The U.S. is the most significant contributor to NATO by far.

Hiding behind NATO is like a drive-by shooter denying responsibility because it was a gang hit.

Obama is in violation of both the Constitution and the War Powers Act by going to war without Congressional authorization. The fact that the Frenchies wanted war in Libya for their own interests does not help his legal case.

Nailed it

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