Good Party Members Get Rewards

...bad party members, that is renters and those that live within their means, are lucky they aren't locked up in Wyoming.

Good party members that think they deserve to stay in a house they can't afford, for whatever reason, can go here for help: Communism is sharing in other people's wealth. What do good party members get:
Beginning today, homeowners in 27 states can file preliminary applications for the Emergency Homeowner's Loan Program (EHLP). Eligible homeowners can obtain interest-free loans of up to $50,000 to help cover mortgage expenses for up to two years.
I'd like to get a new car but I don't want to pay interest on the loan. I wonder if there is also a government program for me, renter loser? Or I could just fill out the HUD documents incorrectly to get the loan....nahhh, no one would ever do that, and besides, I'm sure the government would crack down any corruption so that is probably unreasonable.


SarahB said...

So when folks default on these interest free loans, who gets the house? The bank or the fed?

Negocios Loucos said...

SarahB, they've already defaulted and some of these lucky deadbeats have lived in their houses for 2,3,4 to 5 years without a housing payment. They'll "default" again and again they will be bailed out or the banks won't count it as a default.

See the thing is, if the TBTF banks actually marked their real estate book based on the official defaults on mortgages, they'd be insolvent. They deserve that and that is what should happen. But instead our Banker government is doing it's best to protect these horrible instutitions at the cost of capitalism, democracy and liberty.

Eventually though, my hunch is the Fed will own everything and we'll be a workers paradise just like Khrushchev predicted.

Everyone is blaming capitalism when the real criminal is blatent socialism that is keeping the irresponsible rich at the cost of the nation.

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