It's not the breed, it's the owner

You hear that all the time. Well here's another example of a bad owner.
SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. – Police say a Virginia man found dead in his home was killed by his pit bull.

The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Department says in a news release that an autopsy found indications of paw marks on the victim's body and defensive wounds on the fingers and hands.

Police say the body of 38-year-old David Quyon Haigler was found Saturday in his home by his 18-year-old son.

Say, where all the bad labrador owners?


sjh said...

I'll look for a story of someone that was licked to death...

Anonymous said...

"Another 6-year-old pit bull was chained in another area of the residence."

If you want to make any large breed dog aggressive, but especially a pit bull,rot or mastiff, chain them up. People who have to chain, crate or lock up dogs for hours and days at a time should not own one.

By far small breeds account for many more attacks and bites, the difference is a Shih Tzu can't tear your arm off.

I am helping a friend train a Shiba Enu she just adopted. The dog is an aggressive angry biter, mean as nails. If it were a large breed, it would kill you, no doubt.

Why? Because the previous owner caged the animal up to 18 hours a day for the first 11 months of its life. Chances are this pit bull is a product of such fine animal ownership.

And no, I am not a pit bull owner, but my dog, a Dogo Argentino is often accused of being one.

Anonymous said...


Boring photos can be seen here Love you Bingy.

SarahB said...

Why gamble on a breed that CAN be vicious? I don't get it. Nice reliable breeds for my kids, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

"Why gamble on a breed that CAN be vicious?"

For the same reason that many middle-aged, short, balding dudes buy a Ferrari and score a trophy blondie they can bang after pumping up a less than average sized dick on Viagra AND the same reason chickie poos go under the knife to achieve plump, round, firm but artificial fun bags and dye their hair and Brazilian wax the Beaver.

So we can look like something that we are not - Vanity, Vanity, All is Vanity. In the case of the former American Bull Terrier enthusiast in the original post, his vanity (and probable lack of understanding of Terriers in general) cost him something he didn't count on (snicker). If you gonna be stoooopid, you better be tough.

Anonymous said...

"American Pit Bull Terriers generally have a lot of energy and benefit from exercise and stimulation to channel their energy properly and avoid becoming frustrated, bored, or destructive"

His breed originated to bait bulls and bears - he is what he is. He's the fucking Rocky Balboa of the Dog World. Got an ABT? Get yo' ass a pair of New Balance and take up marathons as a hobby and take the dog with you starting at a very early age running EVERY DAY - the happiest, best and most contented ABT's are TIRED ABT's and they've got energy in spades. If you as the owner don't have energy in spades to devote to him or her, then contact Paris Hilton about getting a pocket/purse dog.

And people wonder why the ABT's go nuts being left on a chain for hours and hours on end.

If you're fucking Jack Lambert in your prime, you don't want to sit around on your ass all day - you want and need to vent that energy and you need a Chuck Noll to help you positively direct all that piss and vinegar. If you ain't a Chuck Noll, then stay away from the sporting breeds.

Anonymous said...

The pit that killed the man was not chained. You have no idea whether that was a habitual arrangement or not. The entire neighborhood seemed to know these dogs and believed they were well cared for, quiet, calm, friendly dogs. Children went over to their house and played with them.

Very funny that the guy say people who have to chain crate or lock up dogs for hours should not own one. Ever hear of "crate and rotate?" Its part of the pit bull owner's stock and trade. Often pit bull owners rely on crating their dogs because of their temperament.

Nice that you mention a Shiba Inu, those dogs are known to be exactly as you described without ever being crated. You have to ask which came first the crate or the temperament with genetically bred aggressive dogs. Like your dogo which people confuse for a pit bull because it was bred originally with exactly the same foundation breeds for exactly the same purpose to become the fighting dog of Cordoba. Later, Dogos were mixed with more fighting dogs and mastiffs plus pointers to be large game hunters. They are just as dangerous a breed as pit bulls, if not more so. Someone with as little understanding of dangerous breeds as you should not be training them.

Anonymous said...

This man's death is the perfect rebuttal to "its all how you raise them" because by all accounts these dogs were well taken care of and were known to be friendly and not to be a nuisance. And look what happens. It attacks its owner.

Most people do not realize that almost no other breed attacks able-bodied adults. Almost all other fatal dog attacks are by the family dog on a family child.

That is why dangerous dogs were never an public health issue before. Basically, you had a right to be a bad parent and get a dog that killed your kid. The big difference with pit bulls, is they kill off property more, they kill adults more, the go roaming in search of prey. We are no different than a squirrel to many pit bulls.

I don't like feeling like prey, do you?

Anonymous said...

Yeah,...notice that the story says the guy's other pit bull was "chained to a dresser upstairs" in his house. This guy was abusing these dogs.

Anonymous said...

"Where's all the bad Labrador owners???"

Here's three. You're a racist.




Anonymous said...

From your first link, Liz: "The attack was especially shocking as Labradors are known for having an excellent temperament and are friendly around children and other dogs, according to experts."

At least I'm in good company with those racist experts.

Anonymous said...

My Brit (the greatest dog of Aaaaaaaaaalllll Tiiiiiiiime) went for his two mile run this morning. That puppy is beginning to figure out that being inside in the air condintioning during St. Louis summer time isn't such a bad thing.... This afternoon after work is the same when the sun goes low and check cord training and collar bell - gotta get 'em used to the sound of that little upland hunting bell at an early age otherwise they get spooked. He's soooooo poooooped by the end of the day - but he's at an age where he can handle it - keeps him engaged and moving, moving, moving. Mofo's in bird hunting boot camp - he doesn't have time to think about attacking shit - he attacks his crate mat/pillow at the end of the day. Those Dakota and Iowa rooster pheasants are waitin' for us Bingy (and they're cagey and slippery as shit). Can't believe you don't "friend me", bitch. I'm hurt.

Anonymous said...

ABT's were a popular breed for families in the US from 1900 to about WW II. I wonder if there were attacks on owners then. Is it the breed or the people or the attitude people have about dogs in general and that breed in specific?

"A breed of satin and steel" - D. Caroline Coile

That's pretty damned eloquent don't you think?

But, when any dog goes bad, I can't believe the way it is coddled...when it gets out of line, you gotta come down hard - "The pit bull terrier was destroyed by police immediately after the attack at the property in Knowles House Avenue, Eccleston."

Anonymous said...

People definitely live differently today than they did in the 1900's. They were much more out of doors, active, fucking with / repairing / moving / etc. / going about the business of living without many of the conveniences we have today and I suspect their dogs went with them. I'll bet those fuckers were exhausted by the time 8:00 p.m. rolled around. Ask a kid today to walk half a mile and he acts like you're from Mars.

Anonymous said...

It's not enough to just sit on your ass in a room with him. Canines are built to move to some degree or another. Their ancestors kill large prey by exhausting them first. It's physical and mental.

Anonymous said...

"Very funny that the guy say people who have to chain crate or lock up dogs for hours should not own one."

You, my friend, are simply an idiot. I was talking about people who buy a dog, then chain or cage the animal for 18 hours plus a day, as I fully stated in the next paragraph about the Sheba.

No wonder you idiots voted for Brown. And I love how everyone wants to take away peoples choice to own what they want, or do what they please, unless of course, it is what they like.

You would do a far better service to humanity taking away the license of anyone who was convicted of DUI for life and making them walk. DUI repeat offenders kill far more people than pit bulls.

Of course, then no one here would be driving, of that I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I think that like most things, the root of the problem is somewhere between the breed's character and the attitude of the owner. You can't completely fault the poor dumb animal because dogs are as much a creation of man as they are of God. They are what they are. That breed was once considered a fine family dog with lots of spunk, dedication, loyalty, strength, "doggedness" but people have changed since the 1920's, 30's, 40's, etc. The breed has always been a Rocky Balboa / Joe Frazier go-getter and it always will be - he is what he is and like Lynyrd says "and this bird you cannot change". It's a breed some people are ill suited to own. Others will do fine with it. It's up to each person to know themselves well enough to know if a terrier of any kind is what they should have. ABT's being the King Kong of the Terrier world, many people should stay away from them. I mostly love those little guys 'cause of their attitude but they become little monsters with the wrong owner. Unfortunately, the breed has probably been wrecked because of the number of idiots who intentionally breed back aggressive dogs to one another trying to get a super aggressive puppy strain. Like Hitler trying to create supermen if you get my drift only with idiots and dogs at the levers and switches. Irish Setters went through a period of time when the breed was being wrecked by irresponsible breeders and "do it your self ers" who bred for looks and intelligence be damned.

Anonymous said...

c'mon Normy, "friend me". Didn't you ever want to have a Cliff Clavin for a friend?

Anonymous said...

He's learned "hold still" which is Mississippi Red Neck speak for "Sit". It's amazing what teeny bits of cooked smoked sausage will do when it comes to influencing your canine, huh? We met another Brit on the morning run today - his name is "Otis" - a happy bundle of 18 month old Brittany out taking his owner for a morning stretch. White and orange coat but more white than my boy Bing. The Inglorious Bastard is keeping him in line when he goes indoors... he comes in all wiggles and shit and I.B. goes over to him and gives him the "shit eyes" as in "we don't play that shit up in here now settle the fuck down already" and the dog gets quiet... too funny that 10 pound cat bossing his ass around. I.B. don't take no shit - but he does know when to blow "retreat" on the bugle and head to higher ground... claws don't fail me now...

Anonymous said...

When you see the average ABT owner/chowder head lurching down the street with the crooked cap and low rider giant shorts, do you think to yourself, "Hmmmm, now self, this looks like a man who knows his canine genetics and surely practices good breeding procedures, only has sex with a condom, donates to charity and loves little children and chipmunks." Yeah, that's what I thought. The breed is being wrecked. One litter of puppies at a time.

Anonymous said...

More Luke the Dog video. Only a terrier could be trained to climb a 20 foot ladder and then after falling off by accident, get up, shake it off and go after it again. see the 1:34 mark in the clip. Terriers are not for everyone. There's a quail hunting farm in Georgia where English Pointers are bred for bird hunting and the owner had a Jack Russell as a pet. One day the little terrier decided she'd like to go quail hunting too so she picked it up all by herself by watching the English Pointers do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

in other dog news

Anonymous said...

Cliff Clavin says "Yay!!"

[Norm and Cliff have just gotten dressed]
Norm Peterson: You know, my underwear's a little tight.
Cliff Clavin: It's funny, mine's a little loose.
[realizing they are wearing each other's underwear, they simultaneously scream]

Anonymous said...

even world's greatest number one doggie has a flaw... man, Bing eats his own shit if given the chance.... I mean like he lays a turd and then will turn around and eat it if you let him -- still steamin' - likes his meals at "body temperature" I guess. I've caught him and scolded him but I had a female Lab that used to do that and to her dying day she would eat her own shit if given the chance. Vet told me it was because the dog could detect undigested proteins in the stool so it figured it was time to pass it through the system again and squeeze out the remaining nutrients. Some do it and some don't. That's why dogs are so gonzo for cat shit - the cat's digestive system is very short and it requires high protein in the food but the cat squeezin's are chock full of undigested protein since they have a somewhat inefficient digestive system. The cat is asking me "Why have you brought such a vile creature into our previously happy home?"

Anonymous said...

maybe when I teach him his next command, I'll give him Inglorious Bastard squeezin's on a Ritz Cracker as a treat.

Happy Super Tuesday!