Fare Thee Well, Gay Beacons of Sport

After a 3 week hiatus I drove into work today at 6am and found that the morning radio station that I listen to was no longer there. I later discovered that Energy 92.7, San Francisco’s gay dance radio station was no more, it ceased to exist.

See they had a show in the morning called Fernando and Greg. Fernando was the over the top gay host and Greg the side kick and “gay sportscaster”. Every morning at 6:10 Greg the gay sportscaster gave the sports news. And he was right on. He knows sports as well as any ESPN anchor; his delivery is just obviously a bit different than the typical machismo that we’re usually fed. His broadcast was a little more, how shall I say, flamboyant.

And seriously how can a gay dance radio station not survive in SF?!? I guess this gives me hope that communism will someday be overthrown in this city.

Really it’s a shame because they were very entertaining and I will never forget Greg’s tagline at the end of each mornings’ report – “Ya know what I always say, if they’re playing with balls, I’m all over it.”

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