Time for a Game - Compare 2 Stories

Let's play a game of....

"How are these two news stories related?"

Story #1) Rare Tongue-Eating Parasite Found

Story #2) Pelosi Bans Certain Words from Congress Floor

It's multiple choice:

A) They're actually the same story, but the two news outlets just wrote different headlines
B) Pelosi will also eat your tongue, attach herself inside your mouth, and live off of the food you intake
C) The Host-Body Fish is as sick of handing over most of its hard-earned food to a Parasite as we citizens are of handing over our hard-earned money to this corrupt and socialist Congress
D) The parasite also thinks Tea-Party goers are Redneck Nazis
E) We're all Racists

Extra Credit: Can it really be coincidence that those two stories appear in the news on the same day?

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