Silence on ACORN Prostitution story

As one news commenter put it, this ACORN/Prostitution/Tax Fraud/Underage Sex Slavery story has everything the media normally drools over. It has sex, taxpayer money by the billions, illegal sex-trade slavery trafficking into the US, corruption, law-breaking, undercover caught-on-tape style video, scandal, prostitution, fraud, etc, etc. Normally, a story that includes all of that gets wall-to-wall media coverage, sometimes stretching for months. Yet virtually the only media outlet doing the story justice, covering it to the extent that a story like this deserves coverage, is Fox. Why is the rest of the media landscape silent on this mega-story?

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Exodus! Movement of Jah people!

 Joe Rogan is yet another multimillionaire fleeing California’s insanity. Who’s going to be left to pay the bills?