One of the 7 Senators in favor of Child Prostitution explains why

Out of all the 99 corrupt, slimy, owned Senators we have today, only 7 (SEVEN) Senators voted not to cut off funding for ACORN. Let's put aside the fact that ACORN will probably never lose its funding, despite the results of that vote. What you have to wonder is why/how anyone can vote to keep funding ACORN, which has no problem with such horrific crimes as Importing Child Sex Worker Slaves.

Well, both of our IL Senators (Durbin and Burris) voted to keep funding ACORN. At least one of them, Roland Burris, who is the guy who basically bought Obama's old Senate seat from Blago, has a decent explanation, which he graciously shares in the video below, for why he voted to keep funding houses of prostitution.

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