Greenspan's Body Count: Nadia Braxton, Kayla Peters, Nayah Peters, and Nyla Peters

Easy Money in the Big Easy:
A woman from Kenner, La., a suburb near New Orleans, was found dead inside her home by her husband Tuesday, lying atop the bodies of her three children, all of whom had died from apparent gunshot wounds, reports CBS affiliate WWL-TV.

The husband told police he had just come home from work when he discovered the bodies. No charges have been filed. Police have not ruled out the possibility that it was a murder-suicide.

The victims in the shooting were identified as: Nadia Braxton, 29; Kayla Peters, 12; a 1-year-old child, Nayah Peters and a 6-month-old, Nyla Peters, WWL reports.

The woman was struggling to pay the mortgage on her home, which she bought just before Hurricane Katrina, The Times-Picayune reports.

The property was first seized by the Sheriff's Office in January of 2010 for failure to make mortgage payments, The Times-Picayune reports. Braxton's case was dismissed a few months later when she brought her payments up to date, only to have the Sheriff's Office seize the property again for non-payments in December of last year.

A mortgage is never worth killing yourself or your family over. Nadia's family could have been like this happy family if only she'd known about YouWalkAway.com.

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 183.


Vagabonds said...

What motive do you need to kill yourself when a man who loves you and who only yesterday had the world to offer you and your children is overcome with grief? Such it seems are the incongruous episodes of the human condition.


Anonymous said...

sad news - I once lived near there. there was a paper written recently by a Fed analyst about the Fed's argument that it is not possible for them to spot a bubble in real time. In a nutshell, the analyst said that argument is horseshit and I'm inclined to agree. If these "geniuses" can't spot a bubble when it comes up and bites them in the ass (over and over and over again), then they are not worth the paychecks they are cashing. They're paid to be adults - not puppets or cheerleaders. Someone should tell Sir Alan G. that he needs to return his salary that he collected all those years.

Negocios Loucos said...

Anony, I've been thinking that years from know revisionist history will state that no one knew the bubble was there. People like Peter Schiff, Bill Bonner, Jim Grant, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Karl Denninger, Mish, Nassem Taleb and many others will be written out of history and the Party, I mean historians will note that this economic situation was a perfect storm because if the best and brightest from the Ivy league schools couldn't predict it than it couldn't be predicted.

It's quite an awakening to find that our government is ruled by fraudsters, banksters and bullshitters. Those that speak the truth are never acknowledged. And those responsible for the mess are somehow knighted by her majesty.

I wish I had taken the blue pill.

Anonymous said...

Economic population control. Some elitist realized that the most efficient way to oppress is through economic starvation. It breaks wills, kills spirits and destroys hope. It is then sold as hope and change.

SarahB said...

Sadly, that's a good site link. Even sadder, I have several friends I'm going to share it with. And a dear friend of mind just lost her uncle to the stress (an early heart attack) of unemployment and foreclosure.

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