Greenspan's Body Count: Dusan and Renata Klein

It's not easy spending one's life hot on the trail of the 21st century's most prolific serial killer, Alan Greenspan. I am the Javert to Greenspan's Jean Valjean, the Clouseau to his Pink Panther.

But having spent these years tracking the fiend, I have come to know him like no other.

And so it was that I recognized his modus operandi in the killings of Dusan and Renata Klein, before Dusan's body had been found and before even news of the couple's financial distress was made public.

The sad case of Dusan and Renata Klein came to an end Friday as Dusan's body was found on a hiking trail in the Las Vegas area. He had apparently committed suicide after killing Renata and dumping her in the Angeles National Forest. The dog has not been found, but investigators reportedly found canine blood in the family truck and believe Dusan killed her, too.

Alan Greenspan is still walking the streets, and even giving interviews on CNBC.

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 179.

1 comment:

beebs said...

Rat bastard killed his dog after his wife.

I don't see why they just don't kill themselves.

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