Today's TSA story comes from OAK, California. It was so fun to watch an elderly woman who couldn't bend over, fall over as she tried to get her shoes off. It was even more fun to watch her elderly husband try to help her up because he couldn't possibly.

See the one thing that's great about the TSA is that we get ample opportunities to mock and humiliate the elderly and the sick. They can figure out technology for identifying if you are carrying a pocket knife in your anus by blasting you with XRays, but thank goodness they haven't discovered a way to deal with the shoes.

Also it's great to see that the TSA realize that they are above all law. I witnessed a TSA agent attempting to cross the busy airport road between the parking lot and the terminal right in front of an Alameda County Sheriff. I felt joy when, as the cars had green lights and the don't walk signal was illuminated, this TSA official, carrying a pizza box, decided to walk into traffic causing the cars to have to make a choice of slowing down or hitting him. The light was green for them but those cars knew that when it comes to right-of-way, it's always the TSA.

The Sheriff wasn't concerned,as he shouldn't have been. And if they want to walk when the sign says don't walk, they walk when the signs says don't walk. If they want to trash the 4th Amendment, they trash the 4th Amendment. Who's going to stop them? The Sheriff? Hah comrade, who would want to stop them is the real question?

Oh the TSA, they are fun, they are funny, and they are above the law. What great entertainment and what great security they provide for our nation. Some think I say this in jest but I do mean it when I say the true heroes of our country are not those who lost their lives fighting wars to protect our freedom. They are those that make us realize that our freedom could kill us.

TSA, you make Amerika proud. I salute you.

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Ang said...

If I had facebook, twitter and all that other crap, I would like this, retweet this and whatever else you are suppose to do. But I don't have any of that stuff so just have to hope word spreads the old fashion way of the wonderful (haha!) TSA.

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