Boehner's got wood!

You all know that I haven't been John Boehner's biggest fan.

But he's starting to prove that a leopard can change his spots. Boehner is holding tough for real spending cuts. Tonight's rebuttal to Obama's speech was clear and convincing.

The Reid "plan" is a farce: a blank check for Obama through the 2012 election, with zero real spending cuts, as ZeroHedge so eloquently pointed out.

Obama's speech? It was good, by the low standard of achieving the goal of coming across as "moderate" to the ignorant masses who haven't been paying attention. Let's hope those folks watched Boehner's on-target rebuttal as well.


Anonymous said...

I thought Boehner looked a bit obnoxious, confrontational, and extremely fake.

W.C. Varones said...

Fake? He always looks like that. He's Angelo Mozilo Jr.

Confrontational? That's what's called for.

Obnoxious? I wouldn't say that. Obnoxious is in the partisan leaning of the beholder.

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