SF Picture of the Day

JDA, you missing SF yet?
I hope the crackhead that yanked my beater stereo gets a nice size rock for his effort.


Jr Deputy Accountant said...


Awww, so sorry for your "luck"

Years ago, I worked by the main library in SF. It was bad enough that we had to move our cars every 2 hours to avoid a ticket but the worst part was that a window (or two) would get busted out EVERY day.

So to answer your question... no, I don't miss it. I haven't gotten a single parking ticket in 10 months (that would be $3000 due to the SFMTA at the rate I was going before I left). I live IN THE HOOD of DC and yet feel safer here than I ever did in SF.

Next time ride the BART, my friend. It isn't safe out there.

Anonymous said...

The BART cops will shoot you in the back.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Oooh, good point, Anon.

Maybe you should GTFO already. I did and I haven't been happier. DC is a cesspool but at least we get circus with our bread.

Negocios Loucos said...

BART is too expensive and takes to long. I work East Coast hours and I live 30 miles from my office. It takes me a half hour in and 35 minutes back. Bart takes 1:15 EACH way including shuttle to my office, and costs $10/day. I also commute with 3 other guys so the cost difference is $60 driving/month, taking advantage of the $2 HOV toll instead of the $6 toll, to $200/month on BART. It's no contest.

But leaving the Bay Area? The housing bubble is reflating with full force right now so that might be the best idea.

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