America's greatness was not crafted by Friedrich Engels alone

Every time I hear the words "America's greatness was not crafted by" on TV, I change the channel so quickly that it's really only my educated guess that the rest of the phrase is "by Friedrich Engels alone. He had help". But I do know it's an advertisement for, where one can sign up to give his life to Dear Leader.

I am awaiting the poor ACORN census-taker who will knock on my door soon enough. He will ask me questions about the size of my toilet, about my electricity, water-heater, racial makeup, income level, GPS coordinates (a discussion), and perhaps bra-size. I'm keeping my small copy of the Constitution near my door, bookmarked so as to easily reference the part that deals with the Census. I intend to point out that I am only obligated to tell the ACORN worker how many people live here. Nothing more. That's how to answer a Census.

If that doesn't work, I'll go to, and sign up to help train ACORN workers. Heck, it's the kind of start that got Dear Leader to where he is now.