Mayor Rahm?

Rahm Emanuel to run for Mayor of Chicago? Unseat Hizzoner Daley? Daley Vs. Emanuel, 2011? These phrases come to mind for Chicago; Rock and a hard place, dumb and dumber, mafia and mafia-er.

One year ago, Mayor Daley rammed a bill through the City-Council in 48 hours that sold the entire City's parking spaces for 75 years to a foreign conglomerate for $1.2 Billion. Chicago being run by liberals, socialists, mobsters, and unions, most of the money has already been spent! And the company plans to quadruple the price at parking meters and add 2 thousand new metered spaces per year. Rahm's current office, the White House, spent almost $3 Trillion in one year. Which is worse? Using Chicago's publicly-owned streets to send revenue to a foreign company, or ramming $1 Trillion of manufactured-crisis Stimulus Money?


John Enright said...

I haven't heard much enthusiasm for Mayor Rahm yet.

On a couple of purely technical points, police rarely write parking tickets - we have revenue agents who do that, and I believe the city still gets most of the parking ticket money, actually. The foreign company just gets the parking payments. There has been a drop-off in parking ticket revenues recently, but it's not clear exactly why yet, although a couple of likely explanations present themselves: 1) people aren't paying their tickets 2) people aren't even parking at the meters because they've gotten so expensive.

Sic Ibid said...

Thanks. Corrected. City gets ticket revenue. Link added to a Tribune commentary piece with the pertinent info.

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