Death is not an Option- revisited

Which would you rather choose as punishment for your misdeeds?

1) Being handcuffed to a chair at the Opening Night performance of 1 of the 3 (three!?) Musicals being staged about Obama (Frankfurt, Germany's "Yes We Can", London's "Obama On My Mind", and Nairobi's "Obama: The Musical")?


2) Being strapped into a Clockwork Orange style chair, with your eyes forced to stay open, while you watch either (your choice) the Chris Matthews-hosted MSNBC special called "Embracing President Obama's Vision for Change" or the Chris Matthews-hosted MSNBC special called "Obama's America: 2010 and Beyond" which is billed as "an extended discussion surrounding race and post-racial identity."

While you're thinking it over, Let's all laugh a bit as we watch the drones laugh at us.

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