Creepy IMF Googlers: Part 2 - GSE Injections

That sounds filthy, first of all, and you should see the kind of crap I get in the middle of the night from all over the world. "GSE Injections" Come 'ere and let me show you my off-balance sheet items...


So we caught them once before checking out "accountant counts bodies" (ewww you make my skin crawl, now you see why Tim Geithner still sits on their Board) and they're at it again, this time coming to JDA looking for these "GSE Injections" that sound so unintentionally dirty.

They end up reading some Richmond Fed economists' take on GSEs promoting default. I'm not sure if you heard but the Treasury can essentially do whatever it wants with TARP at least until October of this year. Imagine what that encourages if a bunch of economists are right.

And also, IMF, it is not spelled "govnerment"

1 comment:

W.C. Varones said...

They are so behind the times.

GSEs don't encourage default nearly as much as the FHA does.

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