There's something happening here

Alfonzo Rachel reports from Massachusetts. Part 1 and part 2.


Sic Ibid said...

It's certainly amazing, just the fact that Brown is even close. I lived there, and I will be stunned if he can pull it off.

BTW, that video even shows an SEIU member supporting Brown! Now THAT one nearly short-circuited my entire brain! I still can't believe it. Either way, the dirty tricks the Dems will pull will be substantial. ACORN's out there pulling in fake voters, etc. State Officials will delay certification of the vote if Brown wins. Lawsuits are already being written, I'm sure. Recounts won't end until Health Care's final passage is rammed through the US Senate.

reddog said...

It tells you that after almost 50 years of being married to Teddy, the voters are kicking up their heels a little and asserting their independence.

It also tells you that if the Republicans kick the SoCons to the curb, they can get some action. What nobody knows yet is whether Brown will follow through with his campaign personna or is just another empty suit. The voters may soon get a chance to find out.

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