Mad Men?

I just saw a commercial I've never seen before. Text appears on the screen saying, "What do we call 760,000,000,000 dollars loaned to stimulate economic growth?" Then a few of those zeros fall to the ground, as if they are seeds, and a bunch of brand new animated buildings sprout from where the "seeds" fell. Appropriately, it's all colored red.

Thinking this was an ad for some group criticizing the Stimulus Bill, I was looking forward to a good punchline. But instead, more text appears on the screen, saying, "A good start"!

A good start to what, exactly?

At that point I expected an "Organizing for America" logo. But lo and behold, the Bank of America logo appears. With the popularity of the bailouts and the stimulus bill, I have to wonder what idiotic ad agency came up with this one?


Anonymous said...

Carmen Reinhardt and Ken Rogoff say that “higher debt may stunt economic growth.” Hey, this is getting interesting. Maybe we’re not entirely alone here at The Daily Reckoning.


I love reading Bill Bonner. A voice of reason in the wilderness.


Anonymous said...

I too have seen the commercial and don't know exactly what the good start part is all about. I can't find this anywhere online....wondering if you know where the commercial is.

Happy Super Tuesday!