Homo vegetarians down under

Mrs. Keith sends this news from down under:
A gay vegetarian foreign currency trader says his boss tormented him for being a "homo" who wouldn't eat steak with the boys.
They should have offered him tube steak!

Pacifico's discrimination suit claims the firm made up lies about his performance to sack him but the real factors were that he was a vegetarian who was perceived to be gay by boss Robert Catalanello.

Court papers say Catalenella called him "a vegetarian homo."

[...] His lawyer, Rick Ostrove, said the firm associated being a vegetarian with being gay.

"It's a ridiculous male stereotype that only real men eat meat."

"A trading floor is certainly a manly man's world," Pacifico said.

This is where Australia is really behind the times. Trading floors in the U.S. are so much more open-minded.

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