WC Sports Desk Programming Note

Just a television programming note: tonight from Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama is the GMAC Bowl. Yes sports fans, the bowl brought to you by you. GMAC is the crooked loan arm of GM that enabled GM to sell many more cars than they should have by offering loans to the unemployed to buy Chevy 1 tons. Well they obviously were going to go broke until the US of A stepped in to prop them up. So even if you could give a rats ass about Tulsa and Ball State, you, if you're American, are paying for it. So enjoy tonight’s game comrades.

* And a little reminder for those who enjoy sports where judges determine champions such as figures skating, gymnastics, diving and synchronized swimming, Thursday is the college football championship game between Florida and Oklahoma.

See this is funny because each team has lost once. There is a team that is undefeated, Utah, but they weren't given the opportunity to play in this game. They played in another game and spanked the team that was voted no.1, Alabama, for many weeks this year. But the votes weren't there to justify they being in a national championship game.

So fans of Christie Yamaguchi and Brian Boitano, enjoy your championship college game. I believe the Czech judge has already awarded Oklahoma a 7.8 which is quite controversial.

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