Obama Inaguration Speech Theme: Irony or Deception?

Reportedly, the theme of Obama's Inauguration Speech is going to be.....well first let me lay out some facts that might put his theme into clear relief.

-He is a big supporter of using Federal money to prop up businesses that have fundamentally failed. He's calling for more bailouts and more Federal Stimulus Packages.
-He's in favor of bailing out GM and the Unions.
-His stimulus package proposes sending "tax refunds" to people who didn't even PAY TAXES in the first place. In the English language we call that "welfare".
-He was deeply involved in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mae housing-loan/fraud-policies, and received more money from them than any other candidate.
-You get the idea....

Back to his Inauguration speech's theme, which will be (I'm not kidding here), "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY"!

So yes, let's all sit back and listen to Mr. Personal-Responsibility-Begins-With-Calling-on-Uncle Sam -for -Help tell us how we can better take care of ourselves. I can't wait for that wisdom to come into my life. Thank you, Dear Leader.

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