Some Intellectual Honesty in our future?

Back to that sea-ice-level report WC posted a link to, which shows that today we once again have the same amount of sea ice as we did in 1979.

In the 70's, the popular theory was that we were heading into another ice age. Then we warmed up. Well, now that the sea-ice-levels are THE SAME as they were in the late 70's, I pose 2 questions: Will we be seeing any intellectual honesty from the scientists and politicians who are trying to scare us daily about global warming? Shouldn't they now start scaring us about a coming ice age again?

If you think about it, that WOULD be the intellectually honest thing to do, right? Now that we're back "where we left off" in the 1979, let's start worrying about our depressed-value houses being crushed by southbound glaciers, ok? Anyone wanna fund my next movie project, "An Inconvenient Glacier"?

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