"There will be time for profits on Wall Street. Now is not that Time."

So says our dear leader. The market conditions might make that statement correct, but still, isn't it nice of him to have decided that 9 days in office has somehow given him the authority to hault profit-making? Not that I'd defend the crooks on Wall Street, and yes, many of them are now playing with OUR money and owe us big time, but since WHEN does the President have this authority? And since they're using OUR money, I'm really hoping they DO make a profit so they can pay us back! Congressmen are shouting out sophisticated arguments like, "these people on wall street are idiots! What gives them the right to dish out bonuses?" Ah... a VERY good question. But are we allowed to ask whether our government has the "right" to run up a trillion dollar deficit? To redistribute our money to the politicians' Wall Street Cronies? To run up a $53 TRILLION debt? If they have the right to do all that, then surely we can allow SOME people to have the right to make a profit, eh?

Wait, maybe not, if Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) has her way. According to CNN's report on her proposal;
Under the terms of a bill introduced by Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, no employee would be allowed to make more than the president of the United States.

Obama's current annual salary is $400,000.

"We have a bunch of idiots on Wall Street that are kicking sand in the face of the American taxpayer," an enraged McCaskill said on the floor of the Senate. "They don't get it. These people are idiots. You can't use taxpayer money to pay out $18 billion in bonuses."
No one should be allowed to make more than the President? And she's calling Wall Street " idiots"?

Let's see...what is it now? Approximately $2 Trillion in bailouts in 2008? Now another $1 Trillion in pure PORK renamed as "stimulus"? And a possible ADDITIONAL $2 Trillion to set up a "bad bank" and purchase all the remaining bad assets? That's approximately $5 TRILLION in the last 7 months or so! (do I have that correct?)

So, yeah, let's just bring on National Socialized Health Care while we're at it, because obviously we have the money for it. Yup, Congress voted to expand the CHILDREN's Health Care program to cover the children of parents making up to $80-100k/year, and it now includes adults, too, not just children! Sure, bring on National Socialist Health Care! Uh, then again, maybe the video clip below could explain why we should think twice about that better than I could. There are some interesting historical background tid-bits in this speech. And until that awesome Texan-guy in the recent Negocious Youtube post comments on National Health Care, this man from Illinois below will have to do. Just look at that snazzy photograph!

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