Integrity Watch

Let's see if the President allows Federal Prosecutor Pat Fitzgerald to continue his investigation into the vast web of corruption in IL politics, with full freedom to go wherever the evidence takes him. Illinois is SO unbelievably corrupt, that it strains one's imagination to think that our President had no dealings with these proven-to-be-corrupt politicians in this state.

But now, as President, he has the power to simply "re-assign" Pat Fitzgerald to another district, or to "discourage" him from following this case to the end, no matter where it leads him. What if Blago decides to cooperate with Fitzgerald in exchange for a lighter sentence? Or if he turns state's evidence entirely? I'm not suggesting anything, but Blago has no love for Obama. He is extremely jealous of him, because Blago himself often told everyone he was going to be President. And he felt slighted by Obama once or twice. However, they are both mutually linked to other corrupt people like Tony Rezko, who was convicted of corruption. The Rezko investigation grew OUT of the Blago investigation, I think. So who's to say where the Blago investigation might go? So, I'm just saying that it will be interesting to see if the President puts any limits on Fitzgerald's investigations. There is no indication he will, but then we'd probably never see such an indication overtly, anyway. He wouldn't be the first President to thwart an investigation that might (that's the key word) have the the potential to hurt the President.

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