The new busing

You youngsters probably don't remember this, but in the 70's and 80's the courts and politicians imposed "busing" on some school districts, so that instead of kids going to their neighborhood school, they would be bused to a bad school on the other side of the city.

That kind of busing faded away when anybody with two nickels to rub together got the hell out of those school districts and moved to the suburbs. Read the history here for an excellent illustration of how nitwit do-gooder politicians and judges run into the Law of Unintended Consequences. And this is yet another excellent example of the General Theory of Liberalism: authoritarian judges think they can mandate precise racial quotas in each school, and cannot fathom the possibility that people might leave the district if the long commute is a burden or if the quality of the schools declines.

Anyway, what brings that to mind today really has nothing to do with this story other than that it involves buses and liberals: the new busing. Perhaps this transparent ploy will also prove counterproductive to the goals of the planners.

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