Only in the Sovi...I mean America

This sort of statistical BS used to be reserved for our former Eastern Block mortal enemies. Since they've disappeared we've been kind enough to pickup the slack.
Payrolls fell by 247,000.....the jobless rate dropped to 9.4 percent from 9.5 percent.
Yup comrades, you read correctly, 247,000 jobs were lost yet the unemployment rate went down! It must be the new math.

Chris Martenson sheds some light on the issue by identifying that apparently 637,000 people are no longer interested in finding work therefore are not considered unemployed, therefore make that unemployment rate go down instead of go up. Makes perfect sense! I wonder if those folks were sent to a camp for re-education instead. Is this administration doing that sort of thing yet?

Isn't it getting really unpleasant watching democracy slip into tyranny?

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