Rep. Susan Davis holding stealth health care town hall TONIGHT

She tried to keep the dissidents in the dark, but the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition found out:
She tried to sneak this one in under the radar...but thanks to a tip from one of you, we have just learned that Congresswoman Davis will be a Special Guest at the Hillcrest Community Meeting tomorrow to discuss healthcare:

Tuesday, August 11th
Joyce Beers Community Center

Let's all attend and ask the Congresswoman the hard questions about HR3200 and it's agenda to end private health coverage.

Bring your cameras and small video devices to prove we came to debate and be heard, not scuffle.

** PLEASE respect the other portions of the meeting that do not pertain to health care. If we are not allowed to enter, be prepared to hold a protest outside (with topic appropriate signs in ready in your vehicles).

A few questions the Congresswoman might be able to answer:

1) Why are they voting on 1000-page bills before anyone can read them?

2) Why did Obama choose "Dr. Death" Ezekiel Emanuel, who advocates cutting off the elderly to cut costs, as the lead adviser on health care reform?

3) Does Susan Davis agree with Nancy Pelosi that dissenters are "un-American?" If not, why does she still support Pelosi as Speaker of the House?

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Anonymous said...

ehh. thank you for this style ))

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