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Seems like those "teabaggers" the media mocked are having their voices heard.

Time Magazine: Why Chuck Grassley Turned on Health-Care Reform:
Grassley believes the raucous town meetings of August made it clear that Obama now faces something far larger than mere doubts about health-care reform. "I was expecting a lot of anger, but what really surprised me about the town meetings was the fear that people were expressing — afraid for the country. Health care was a big issue, yes, and it took up most of the questions at the town meetings. But it seemed to me it was the straw that broke the camel's back. People were bringing up the stimulus bill not doing any good and [costing] $800 billion. Or the Federal Reserve shoveling $2 trillion out of an airplane and not seeing it does any good. And the nationalization of banks and [General Motors]."

Thank God some in Congress are finally listening.

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