Town Hall-ers, Teabaggers, Wild Kingdom, Tea-Partiers, Leftists, and the NFL: An Allegorical Interpretation of a classic video

In honor of all the intelligent citizens who are challenging our delinquent and disengaged Representatives with reasoned criticism, peaceful suggestions for alternative approaches, and requests for answers at Town Hall meetings, below is yet another inspirational video clip. It's known as "The Battle At Kruger", and it's well known. But let's "see it again, for the first time", shall we? This time, it's not Buffalos versus Lions, like some NFL game. It's not a "Wild Kingdom" redux.

I suggest that this time, as the Congressional recess period comes to an end, and chances to meet personally with our Foul-Smelling Representatives and demand answers become even rarer, we see this video in a new light. We need to keep the pressure on, keep demanding answers, keep refusing to be steamrollered by power-hungry elitists.

For this viewing, let's imagine that the corrupt Socialists in charge of Washington, D.C. are represented by the Lions, and the wonderful, but serially-deceived citizens of this nation are represented by the Buffalos. Our tale begins automatically at the 1:39 mark. Now watch as baby Liberty itself (oh, yeah, the Buffalos also represent Liberty, did I mention that?) is stalked, hunted, and then snatched up by the sharp jaws of Soft Tyranny. Liberty puts up a good fight at first. But the odds are too overwhelming. Liberty is choked to the edge of death as the Lions' teeth take hold of its neck. The Radical Leftist Lions far outnumber Liberty, and they begin to chew at it, as it kicks and tries to escape. Not one to leave such valuable conquests to it's comparatively wimpy cousin, Socialism, Communism (as represented by the Crocodiles) launches itself from under the calm water's surface and tries to steal Liberty from Socialism's toothy grip, and consume its meat for itself.

Ironically, at the 3:37 mark, a British lady, observing the action, exclaims, "There's a Crocodile there, too!" Right you are, Miss UK. But why is it you can recognize a crocodile when you see one, yet you don't recognize Orwellian-style, State-imposed oppression when you're looking for a National Health Service doctor to immediately perform the surgery you need in order to stay alive? The reptilian jaws of the State-Run Health Care are the double-doors to Communism's grand Foyer.

In a good-will gesture towards its fellow travellers, however, Communism allows its little cousin this one victory, in the hopes that it will be repaid in spades later on, perhaps one generation later, having lubricated the pathway of incrementalism for its promising, if undeveloped, family members. Witness the indoctrinated, mane-sporting soldiers of the revolution begin the ACORN-ization of the African Savannah, as their angry and armed intimidation forces bite off the fingers of the non-union, capitalist bovine. The Leftist Lions hold tight to this prize while they debate whether to begin their meal with an appetizer of "Nationalized Health Care", "Political Patronage-Capturing Stimulus Packages", or "Cap and Trade". They are in complete control of Liberty.

Clear and total victory for the Statist Juggernaut, the Apex Predator of all things Liberty, is now all but certain, no? Ah, but wait....keep watching to the end. At the 4:30 mark, well....

That's when the real "Town Hall protests" begin.

Buffalo herd, you may now cue Metallica's "Don't Tread On Me" in 5, 4, 3.....

UPDATE. Additional Notes/Lessons: Viewing the entire 8 minute video reveals extra bits that are consistent with that allegory. 1) Liberty and Socialism/Communism often occupy the same physical space, and compete for the same resources/individuals. 2) Despite the fact that Socialism was patiently stalking Liberty (perhaps for decades), the serious trouble began for Liberty only when it voluntarily wandered too close to Socialism on its own. 3) Even though it doesn't win this particular "war", Socialism/Communism succeeds in causing enormous damage to the individual, as well as to the herd as a whole, despite being vastly outnumbered by Liberty's forces. Those forces letting their guard down and making bad directional decisions was the sign for Socialism/Communism to attack. 4) Once Liberty regroups, admits it has a crisis on its hands due mainly to Socialism, understands the nature of the threat, and bans together, there is no stopping its cumulative power. The Socialists run like hell, divide from their own herd, and surrender like house-kittens to the will and authority of Liberty.

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