Chinese Market Punishment

In the United States if you are part of a scheme to steal billions of dollars from the government and the taxpayers you are rewarded with hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts and you get to keep your job and bonus.

In China you steal as little as $13.8 million and you get a bullet to the head.
Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- A former senior trader at a Chinese securities company was executed yesterday for embezzlement and misappropriating 94.5 million yuan ($13.8 million), the official Xinhua News Agency reported, citing court documents.
Can you imagine if you applied Chinese financial fraud law to the USA? It would be a holocaust and we'd have a population crisis!

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Anonymous said...

I think they "get it" when it comes to understanding how allowing fraud to go unpunished will undermine an economy that is trying to bloom and find its footing.

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