Pelosi Protest pics -- Irvine Airport Hilton 12/4/09

As I arrived about a half hour before the official start, there were already about 100 protesters around the perimeter of the hotel.

Eventually, there were around 200 anti-Pelosi protesters, plus about 50 or more supporters of other causes including purpleshirts, pro-ObamaCare, pro-abortion, anti-Stupak, and 9/11 truthers.

This video is from within a portion of the anti-Pelosi crowd that went over to confront the purpleshirts, chanting "vote Pelosi out" across the Hilton driveway at them. The bright light is from a TV camera that was filming the chant.

The Nancy boys (and girls)

I left around 5:30 as it was getting dark and Pelosi had either slipped in the back door unnoticed or was running late. I was among the earliest to leave, so somebody may have caught a glimpse of Her Highness.

Thanks to Temple of MUT for posting the early report and for attracting Instapundit's attention!

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