Presidential Triptych

Found this for sale on my flight yesterday in the Skymall catalog. It looks lovely:


Scott said...

Okay, Barack H. Obama has the same number of letters as John F. Kennedy. Lincoln ordered the Treasury to print its own money, Kennedy ordered the Treasury to print its own money, and Obama ordered the Treasury to print its own money. Lincoln was shot in a theatre named Ford, Kennedy was shot in a car made by Ford, so what is this artist trying to say? WHO IS THIS ARTIST WORKING FOR?!

Anonymous said...

I saw the ad in the skymall mag. The likeness of Lincoln supposedly was from a photograph.

Do you suppose Abe was all coked up? He was the first president to start a war against his own people.

SarahB said...

As a classically trained painter I want to wretch into my terpentine. Blech. It doesn't help that Kennedy and Obama are copyright violations of professional photographs.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

My shitty hipster art is better than this, even when I was in my "Just Trying to Make My Ex Boyfriend Pissed Off Through Suggestive and Angry Hipster Bunnies" period.

Is this the same guy who did the Obama unicorn stuff??

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