Here we go again

As usual, the TSA has to act like it's doing something useful, so we've already been promised "heightened security measures" in response to the latest bomber wanna-be.

First the inept shoe bomber made all of us take off our shoes; then the inept liquid bombers made us ditch all our liquids. Now Inepto #3 mixes up ingredients mid-flight, and presumably that's the end of flying with "stuff" or "material."

It's been said before but I'll say it again. The TSA is a mammoth, monstrous joke, offering an illusory security at a cost of billions annually--to say nothing of the toll in dignity and freedom.

Crowds will always be susceptible to mass murderers. Ask Israel. Why we fixate on this fraud of airline security is a mystery; even if it did become effective, we would then have to create a new TSA for every bus line, movie theater, shopping mall, and stadium.

One idea I've tossed around my head is that the TSA makes a convenient repository for tens of thousands of marginally employable stooges, who otherwise would be bloating the unemployment rolls. So, if you want to chalk up your Sep. 11 security fee to charity and economic stimulus, feel free. But if you think it's making you safer, well, as the scholarly might say: LOLOLOL.


KGould said...

I say it should be like when I flew to Ireland in 2005. The security check was so up close and personal, I felt like I should have at least asked my guard her name :) She even ran her fingers around the underside of my *chest* to make sure it was just my underwire bra making her wand 'zing'. Then imagine my surprise as she felt right up one side of my inseam and down the other without missing an inch. Right in front of all the other passengers, we all had to line up for that lol. All that was missing was a final body cavity search ;) It was rather interesting and intimate ;)

After getting off the plane at the other end, we all had to produce our boarding cards again too which has never happened to me in over 42 international flights. It was a surprise check before letting us out to get our luggage - everyone scrambling around trying to find the little bits of paper. Totally different security than I've ever gone through on any other flight or airline.

W.C. Varones said...

It's not a real security screening unless you get off before you get on!

Ang said...

Kez - wow! And here I was going to post a smartass comment saying the next thing they'll want is to just strip search everyone. Looks like Ireland is almost there.

KGould said...

It was rather.... detailed lol. I flew from London-Stanstead to Shannon, Ireland and back and both ways was a heavier check than I've ever experienced - aside from a British military flight out of Brize Norton once where they thought they saw scissors in my carry-on so opened everything (no scissors) or when I had to send my shoes through a scanner at Heathrow and again at Calgary because the heels were beeping (steel rods in my big clompers for my big feet lol).

merijoe said...

Not sure how Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab managed to get ON the plane in the first place with that name... from the NY Times:

"The man's father actually reported his son to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, but U.S. officials said the dad's report wasn't specific enough for them to take action, the father was concerned about what he perceived to be extreme religious views on the part of his son"

reddog said...

I think we should all travel naked, no luggage. Carry a passport and credit card only. Save a lot of time, trouble and money. The airlines could issue everybody some cheap disposable panties, socky slippers and a unisex kimono for the ride. Be a great icebreaker for making new friends.

People could rent some cheap vines and maybe a laptop when they got to their destination. I'd be OK with that.

Sic Ibid said...

Old Zeke might be onto something here. TSA workers being "marginally employble"!? You don't say! I'm shocked. Wait a minute, maybe this model of thinking could be applied elsewhere. Perhaps the entire SEIU and Fed gvt civil service is another "Charity" employment scam. Hm...

AOC has Covid

Anybody else think horse paste might be worth a try?