Ruh-roh Remocrats

From National Review:
And the wind is changing. The problem is this: The Democrats over-read the mandate in the election of '08. They assumed it was for great change of American social policy and making America into a kind of European social democracy — radical changes in health care, energy, and in education.

That was not what happened in '08. It was rejection of the Bush administration, a weariness of war, and the rejection of an administration at a time of economic collapse. It was nothing more. They [the Democrats] overreached. They have tried to push a centrist country to the left, and [therefore] they're going to lose a lot of seats in the November election.


Sic Ibid said...

These writers for national news/issues magazines have a way of saying things more moderately and reasonably than I do, for one.

reddog said...

I think you're right. It'll be a long time before Republicans control anything again though.

Political gridlock. That doesn't sound so bad.

Happy Super Tuesday!