3000% ? Really? Has Obama double checked his math?

Which is worse? Obama's lying powers hitting hyper-drive in this first clip?

Or The Democrats' shameless use of children (though every one of us surely sympathizes with this young, brave boy Marcelas) and the best faux-somber tones a trial-lawyer can muster in this clip?


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

LMAO he ACTUALLY said that, I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen the video.

If my previous employer's premium fell by 3000%, the insurance company would be PAYING HIM $4500 a month for my policy! THIS OBAMACARE SHIT IS AMAZING OMG!!!! Why haven't we signed this into law already?!?!?

This man desperately needs a mathlete on his speechwriting team. Seriously.

JenO said...

My guess is he meant $3,000. A report from the Business Roundtable says that a government plan would reduce the costs of healthcare on small business by $3,000 per person.

His telepromter must have been on the fritz.



President who usurped Congressional spending authority to issue an executive order handing out hundreds of billions of dollars right before ...