The New Police

If one agrees with the Churchill quote below, then one might be interested in the fact that Obama's Health Care bill, if passed, will increase the size of the IRS by 12,000-16,000 agents. And every single month, the IRS will be checking the status of every citizen's health insurance to make sure he/she is on a government-approved insurance plan. The Enforcement Agency of this Health Care bill is the much loved IRS. Anyone else feel like calling their Congressman now?

"No socialist system can be established without a political police." -Winston Churchill


Anonymous said...

Too many people cheat on their taxes. I don't cheat on my taxes so hiring more IRS agents won't affect me. It will only improve my situation.

Aside from being under taxed, the U.S. as a whole is dramatically under-"tax policed."

Conservatives used to think they could make gov't smaller by bankrupting it. That didn't work. I think the plan will be to make gov't smaller by taxing people more so they can finally question, "What am I paying for?" If you're not paying taxes, you don't really care about the war in Iraquistan or the stupidity that goes on every day in Washington. MAke'em feel it and I think they'll complain.

W.C. Varones said...


The problem with that is that you have to tax everybody. We are taxing fewer and fewer people people at the low end every year.

In 2008, 36% of tax filers paid no income tax. That's not even counting all the people who don't even have to file. Add in those people and government employees, and you're getting pretty close to a majority of freeloaders who can vote themselves goodies at the expense of the poor suckers still trying to make an honest living.

If we really want taxpayers represented in a direct democracy with no serious Constitutional limitations, we need to make sure a substantial majority of voters actually pay substantial taxes.

Independent Accountant said...

It's worse than you think. People file tax returns to get refunds! They get earned income credits among other things. 50% of taxpayers pay 3% of federal income taxes! The tax system is littered with various credits I would eliminate: child credits, low income housing credits, earned income credits, energy credits, you name it. Kill 'em all.


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