Fight the government race peddlers

List your race as "American" on the census.

Negroes on the left, orientals on the right. Hey, why don't we have Jews wear a yellow star while we're at it?

Your government wants to classify you ethnically to foment divisive group identity over both patriotism and individuality. Let's throw a monkey-wrench in these race hustlers' machine.


B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the reminder. Racial politics is the poison in the well of civil discourse in this nation, it has supplanted patriotism as the last resort of scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Kazakhstan written in.


B-Daddy said...

You've been linked.

Ang said...

One person at that site said this "The trouble is, they’ll probably just count every “American” answer as “white,” by the theory that white people are the only ones who are sick of the left’s racial tribalism." which is a valid point. I always hated those race/ethnic questions. Those boxes try to limit you to one answer. I'm not a one answer person and my boys are even more interesting.

I'm leaning towards just giving them the count and nothing else.

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