Is this to guard against the amassing pitchforks maybe?

The US Department of Education has ordered 27 Short-Barreled Remington Shotguns.


SarahB said...

what the????

qs said...

The Rand Paul money bomb


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Please post a follow up when one of these highly educated assholes shoots themselves in the foot.


FrackWit said...

Goldman Sachs execs have also been buying up guns too. So I guess the new response to populist anger against you is silencing via "lead poisoning"?

Anonymous said...

"Goldman Sachs execs have also been buying up guns too."

these are just the type of concrete jungle, weekend warrior yuppie idiots who will accidentally shoot themselves (or an unlucky relative) in the foot, groin, etc. while fucking around with firearms... stick with the pens and lawyers and suits would be my advice.

I'm waiting for a disgruntled copy-cat of the IRS Texas pilot to do a number on their H.Q..... not that I'm rooting for that to happen or anything....


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

I hate to burst your bubble, it's for the ED's Office of Inspector General to strap up in the battle against fraud and waste.

(LOL! That sounds like a great excuse)

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