Arbeit Macht Frei

We've noted before that Zimbabwe Ben's free money party is particularly brutal on the elderly, as they earn 0% on their savings and can't keep up with the rising cost of food and home heating.

CareerBuilder today says that 72% of the working elderly say they can't afford to retire.

Should have got a government job, stupid. They get fat pensions and often very, very early retirement.

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Anonymous said...

Got my Vanguard e-statement.

Made the following princely sums:

IRA Federal Money Market Fund - 19 cents - 19 cents

Tax Exempt Money Market Fund - a whopping $3.36

That my friend makes my total take for February $3.55

I am in absolute pig heaven with delight. What shall I do with such an enormous sum of money? Manna from Heaven - three hundred and fifty five pennies! Shit, I might just go throw around some cash this evening and see if I can't get me some girly action going - I'll score big with that kind of coin! The ladies love a man of solid means - trouble is I'd have to be shooting for pre-school aged women to impress anyone and I ain't into that.


Livin' the Dream man!

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