Friday night surprise: CBO says Obama would add $9.8 trillion to national debt

Congressional estimates show grim deficit picture
A new congressional report released Friday says the United States' long-term fiscal woes are even worse than predicted by President Barack Obama's grim budget submission last month.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicts that Obama's budget plans would generate deficits over the upcoming decade that would total $9.8 trillion. That's $1.2 trillion more than predicted by the administration.

I'm not one of those who believe Obama is deliberately out to destroy America, but if he were, these spending plans would be an effective way to do it.


Sick Spack said...

"I'm not one of those that believes Obama is deliberately out to destroy America"?

Getting soft in your old age, aren't you, Varones? :)

Sic Ibid said...

It's deliberate. A core principal of Marxism is that Capitalism must be destroyed before they can install their Marxist utopia.

ChiliFries said...

I think your naivete and lack of research on this one points to ignorance. If you'd like to remain in denial about Obama and his intentions, you've lost my respect and future visits to your blog.

Happy Super Tuesday!