Obama wants SEIU on Deficit Panel. Lies about his ACORN involvement

Obama has put SEIU chief Andy Stern on his "Deficit Panel"? Congress refused to create that panel, so Obama did so by executive order. And now it looks like he wants to fill it with the likes of this Communist Andy Stern, who's said "If we cant use the power of persuasion, we will use the persuasion of power. 'Workers of the world unite' is no longer just a slogan. It's the way we need to do our work". I wonder what Stern will have to say about our Deficit problem as part of the panel. In that linked clip he says the SEIU wants to build a "global organization of workers". Is anyone here familiar with Vladimir Lenin's goals? They were identical. Too bad for Obama that Lenin isn't "available" to serve on his Deficit Panel.

Here's a clip in which Obama blatantly lies about his past association with ACORN, saying it was a fleeting court case he helped them with one time many many years ago. But then comes an earlier video recording of Obama in which he details his extensive relationship with and dedication to ACORN.


FrackWit said...

Lenin may be dead, but I hear his body is well preserved. Maybe they could uncork him and pull a "Weekend at Bernie's" or something.

Dean said...

Aside from his Marxist leanings, having Stern on this panel is paradoxical.

What is Stern going to push for but more government jobs that will only add to the deficit?

From a practical standpoint, then, having Stern-o on this panel makes absolutely zero sense.

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