Is NPR a hate group?

KPBS, the local NPR affiliate, titles a discussion on Tea Parties "Are Tea Partiers Hate Groups?"

The panel included Richard Rider, who eloquently explained the Tea Party movement, a Poway Tea Party woman who was sincere but a bit confused and garbled, a "peace" professor and a Southern Poverty Law Center representative. Rider had to single-handedly calmly explain what the Tea Party was about as the hysterical leftist panelists and NPR listeners speculated about racist motives and terrorist offshoots. Our friend Sarah Bond also phoned in and had a couple minutes and did a great job enlightening the paranoid.

The callers had the typical naive NPR-listener viewpoints and comments. A sampling (paraphrased):

- Where were these people when Bush was running up deficits? (Answer: we were screaming about Bush deficits, but Obama's spending makes Bush's look frugal by comparison.)

- The Fire Deparment and Police Department are government, so how can you be against the government? (Answer: the fact that some services may be effectively provided by government does not justify the Federal Leviathan or infinite government expansion and intrusion into every aspect of our lives. They ought to make you liberals take a logic class before giving you your government jobs.)

- The Tea Party had a racist vibe because while I went with my Asian neighbors and there were people of all races there including African-American speakers like Damon Dunn and Mason Weaver, I'm still an NPR listener and see racism everywhere I look. (Answer: While the Tea Party movement has people of all races who are concerned about reckless spending and runaway government, we'd always like to have more. It's a shame that NPR and other big media organizations try to portray the Tea Parties as racist to scare minorities away from this movement so vital to the future of children of all races.)

- The Tea Party had a racist vibe because some guy had a sign with Obama as Heath Ledger's Joker and I'm an NPR listener and see racism everywhere I look. (Answer: What's racist about Heath Ledger? Was it racist to depict Bush as the same Heath Ledger Joker?)

If you are still unclear on this, don't believe what you hear on NPR, CNN, or MSNBC. Go to your next local Tea Party. Tuesday's nationwide protest against ObamaCare would be a good start. More info about the San Diego event here.


Mutnodjmet said...

W.C.: I added a few comments about that atrocious show in the following post; the only saving graces were Richard Rider and a call made into the program by SoCal-TRC's Sarah Bond.


My conclusion: What do you expect from an agency that relies on tax dollars, as it couldn't earn money in the free market?

Richard Rider, Chair, San Diego Tax Fighters said...

RICHARD RIDER COMMENT: The KPBS radio show on Tea Parties (3/11/10 show that I was a panelist on) is now up on their website. You can listen to the show, though I don't recommend that you do so.


Note on the link the opening printed quote from a radical Democrat newspaper columnist, trying to paint the Tea Party movement as being comprised of hate groups and terrorists -- claiming a tie to and public Tear Party sympathy with the fellow who crashed his plane into the IRS building.

The uniformly leftist written comments below the link further verify that KPBS is geared towards a liberal audience -- these comments are normal for KPBS shows.

While I'm glad to be a very occasional guest on KPBS, their slanted liberal take on everything is more than irritating -- it's partially subsidized by us taxpayers!

Bad form, as the British say.

Anonymous said...

This voter is MAD AS HELL! http://tinyurl.com/teadoff

Farman said...

What a bunch of whooey. You can cover your sh*t, but it still stinks, teabagger.

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