79 reasons to go to a gold standard

From the Prudent Investor. Reasons 2 - 4 ought to be reason enough for you:
2. All fiat currencies of the past 3 centuries have devalued to (near) zero within a human's life span.
3. All fiat money systems were abused by irresponsible politicians who ignited credit bubbles. All credit bubbles ended with a bust.
4. Under a gold standard, prices remained stable for more than a century in the USA.

... but go on over and read the whole thing anyway. Even if it doesn't convince you to End the Fed, it ought to at least convince you to stock up on gold yourself.



Unknown said...

How do you propose we correct the problem of there not being enough gold mined or in the Earth's crust to back the the US dollar?

W.C. Varones said...


Everything has its price. The dollar is just overvalued now.

The government could announce a new gold standard at $5,000 or $10,000 an ounce, and stand ready to buy and sell forever at that price.

The U.S. government wouldn't have to actually hold trillions in gold as long as they committed to peg the dollar to gold by being willing to buy and sell gold at a fixed price.

Happy Super Tuesday!