Out one back door, into another: Steven Slater

Steward goes ballistic on flight:
[Steven] Slater got on the flight's announcement system and allegedly cursed out everyone on the plane -- especially the person who mouthed off to him, according to law enforcement sources.

When his tirade was through, he then took a some beers from the galley and pulled the emergency chute and slid off the Embraer 190 plane. According to police sources, he threw his luggage down first and said something to the effect of "there goes 28 years," before he took the plunge.

After getting down the slide, Slater took off into the terminal, law-enforcement sources said.

Slater was later arrested at his home in Belle Harbor, Queens by Port Authority officials. He was found by police in a sexual embrace with his partner, sources said.

The Smoking Gun called it "one of the greatest airline meltdowns ever." They obviously haven't heard of Gerard Finneran.


Dean said...

The real reason for my "transition" into shipbuilding exposed.

Damn you, W.C.!

Anonymous said...

That's very sad. I hope he gets probation, prison wouldn't be fair.

Happy Super Tuesday!