Buy a pack of gum, get two free round trip airplane tickets.

If there was any doubt that easy money was back, this should dispel it.

Back in the late 90's I used to get cash, Tina Turner tickets, etc. just for opening an E-Trade account or some such thing. You put in $1000, get the free stuff, then take back your $1000 and close the account. It's a sign of bubble mentality, as companies are willing to lose money in order to show growth in the customer base. Yeah, but we make it up on volume!

Those kind of offers dried up for a while when sanity briefly returned after the dot-com crash. Now, they're back.

You sign up for this card from Chase, make a purchase, and get 32 Rapid Rewards credits, enough to get two free flights on Southwest. The card is free for the first year, so you cancel it before the annual fee kicks in at the 1-year anniversary.

You have to get this offer in the mail, apparently. Otherwise, it's only 1 free flight and you have to pay the $59 annual fee. Still might be worth it if you want to fly somewhere for $59 roundtrip.

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